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Bali 6 Day Itinerary: Part 1

We had six full days in Bali, and we didn't waste one minute. Find out how we made the best of our trip to the beautiful country of Indonesia.

If you haven't already read my blog post about what you should know before you travel to Bali, you can read that here. I share my top tips that are extremely helpful to help make your trip more enjoyable - I wrote about transportation, food, and other useful tips.

Day One

My sis-in-law and I arrived in Bali around 3 pm. Our Airbnb set up transportation to our place in Canggu so our driver was waiting for us upon landing. We were a little exhausted from all the traveling but we were eager to explore so we rented a motorbike through our Airbnb. Read about my recommendations when it comes to driving a motorbike in Bali here.

We ended up at Finns Beach Club that night where we enjoyed the warm water at the beach and some good food! We made it back to the Airbnb pretty early that night and were able to rest for the next day of adventures. We scheduled a private car for the next day to begin crossing destinations off our list.

Day Two

This was our first full day of adventure. We started off the day by going to a Warung across the street from our Airbnb for some breakfast. Shortly after that, our driver picked us up and we made our way to Gianyar to look at the Tegenungan Waterfall. At that moment, we realized that the whole Island of Bali was an enormous workout. I mean we started sweating BEFORE we even walked outside! Walking to the waterfall was fine because it was downhill but the hike up was a completely different story. Buckets, that's all I have to say.💦

The waterfall was pretty to look at but there were signs suggesting not to go in it as the water was dirty and would make you itchy. That's all I needed to hear even though the water would have been refreshing in the 85 degrees, humid weather. We still managed to capture a couple of pictures with the waterfall in the background. Shoutout to our driver for also being an awesome photographer.

Next, we went to Bali Safari & Marine Park. We were told that it was really like a safari and that the animals just roam around while you're in the car. This was probably the most disappointing destination out of our whole trip. It was basically a zoo with slightly bigger exhibits that could be driven through for tours but was just as depressing as any other zoo. If I knew that ahead of time, I would have never spent IDR 800,000 or about $57 USD on this place. I heard it's better at night because the nocturnal animals, such as the tiger, are more active but I wouldn't recommend this place...I mean unless this is your thing. I made the best of it and snapped a picture with mym lioness sister but after that, I was ready to go. If you're looking to see some animals in their true natural habitat, then go to the Monkey Forest in Ubud.

The monkey forest was next on our list and only cost IDR 80,000 to enter which is roughly $5.59 USD. Needless to say, it was worth it. The monkeys are wild and roam free. They only hang out at the Monkey Forest because the workers provide food for them there. Keep in mind that the monkeys will jump on you or try and take your items like sunglasses or any food you may have on you. The best thing to do in these situations is to not panic and follow the rules of the Monkey Forest.

After a few hours with animals and mother nature, it was time to eat. Our driver took us to a local spot in Ubud and it was delicious! After eating we went to tea and coffee tasting and then we finally made our way back to the Airbnb after a long day. That night, we scheduled a ride with a different company because they were able to pick us up at our requested time, 6 am.

After we showered we had planned to go out that night to explore Bali nightlife after we 'rested a little' but that rest quickly turned into an all-night thing 😂

(side note: our Airbnb had a completely outdoor bathroom - it was definitely a cool experience but let's just say there were always 'friends' that would come out when we would take a shower. I'm talking quarter-sized bugs, flying ants and slugs)

Day Three

We woke up superrrr early to enjoy a full day of exploring. Our ride picked us up at around 6 am and we made it to our first stop at 7 am - The Tegalalang Rice Terrace. Since we were there so early, there was no entry fee and we were practically the only ones there. We took some bomb pics and explored the infamous terrace uninterrupted by other tourists. A local that appeared to be working asked us if we wanted a picture - we assumed that he wanted a picture with us. We quickly discovered that nothing's free and after we took the picture he asked for IDR 20,000 lol.

Next up was the Aloha Swing! Our driver had suggested that we go to this one over the Bali Swing because it was cheaper and basically the same experience - the only difference is the backdrop. Again, being that we left so early, we were the first ones there and didn't have to wait in any lines to swing. We bought package A for IDR 350,000 and that included unlimited swings on one side of the attraction. The staff were super friendly and will offer to take amazing photos of you on your phone. So if you're traveling solo, no worries, your insta feed is secured.

After leaving the swing, we made our way to The Udaya Resorts & Spa where we both had an appointment booked for the insta-worthy flower bath. We made reservations about a month in advance and had to pay half of the fees online before arriving. When we arrived we had a little time before our appointment so we went upstairs to enjoy a delicious a-la-carte style breakfast. When it's time for your appointment, they bring you downstairs to the spa, give you some ginger tea to drink and then lead you to your room with a private bathroom and shower. They give you about 7 minutes before the complimentary photographer enters your room to take pictures of you. After about a 10 minute photoshoot, you're free to enjoy the bath for as long as you like. I only stayed in for about 20 minutes but it was definitely an experience to remember.

After the spa, my sis-in-law and I were extremely tired from our day of adventure and couldn't wait to return to the Airbnb. Since we were unsuccessful at making it out the previous night, we made sure to take a nap and wake up so we could see what the nightlife was about.

After our shower and nap, we called our driver to take us to Kuta Beach. My sis-in-law had been following a tattoo artist that has a shop in Kuta so that was our first stop. She got a small tattoo on her back that represents her love for traveling. After the tattoo, we walked up and down the streets searching for a bar or club that played the best music. We settled on the club 'Engine Room' and ordered some overly expensive and watered-down drinks. I would just stick to beers if you plan on drinking in Bali.

After a few hours of dancing and meeting people from around the world, we returned to our Airbnb to get some rest and prepare for another adventurous day in Bali. Part 2 can be read on March 20th.

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